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Knowledge Ambassador Initiative

The best of knowledge is that which gives benefit 

The Knowledge Ambassador Program by Medvation is a beacon of knowledge dissemination, inviting individuals to champion the cause of education and innovation in their communities. Realizing the potency of grassroots movements, Medvation extends an invitation for passionate individuals to volunteer and be the torchbearers of its educational events and workshops. These ambassadors, once aboard, become instrumental in propelling awareness and fostering an environment that values innovation. To ensure these ambassadors thrive, Medvation offers them comprehensive training and the requisite support, enabling them to magnify the footprint of these educational endeavors within their circles. At its core, the Knowledge Ambassador Program endeavors to inspire individuals to be agents of transformative change, pushing the boundaries of education and innovation in their communities. This initiative is deeply aligned with the ethos of "knowledge zakat", encapsulating the noble act of disseminating knowledge as a form of almsgiving

Medvation Clubs 


 نادي الفهرية 

Fihriya Club


 نادي اسطلاب 

Istrlab (Space club)


نادي الجزري

Aljazri club


نادي الاستدامة

Sustainability club


نادي الرازي

Alrazi club


Medvation Ambassadors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Medvation ambassadors are a group of inspiring individuals who have overcome challenges and achieved great success in their lives. ambassador has a unique story to share with the younger generation, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and never give up. From overcoming health issues to breaking down barriers, these ambassadors are true role models who embody the spirit of perseverance and determination.

The Sustainable Development Goals Achieved 
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