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Homathon is Medvation's winter beacon for tech savvy youth, poised to shape tomorrow's digital horizon. Concentrating on the intricacies of programming, this event offers a series of competitions and challenges that not only test the mettle of young programmers but also stimulate collaborative efforts. Here, participants venture to tackle pressing real world issues using the cutting edge principles of artificial intelligence. These projects provide a glimpse into the prospective avenues the kingdom aims to traverse, ensuring that our youth are not just consumers but active contributors to the digital future. The event also acts as a platform to foster a community of young tech enthusiasts, bringing them together in a spirit of competition, collaboration, and innovation

Homathon Coding Program

 Your Gateway to Coding Excellence!

Coding workshop
IED with Medvation!
Mbot Medvation

Medvation's Little Coders and Future Programmers Initiative

The Sustainable Development Goals Achieved 
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