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Hadaf Program serves as a beacon for students navigating the vast realm of STEAM careers. Aimed at educators and parents, it offers insights into helping children make educated choices for their academic and professional trajectories. With a foundation in artificial intelligence, this program offers tailored advice, adapting to each child's unique aptitudes and passions. Collaboratively, educators, parents, and the program steer the child towards their destined career in STEAM. Medvation's adept developers have structured the program to deliver interactive evaluations, assessing a student's prowess in different STEAM domains. Content personalization, based on age and predilections, ensures a targeted approach. This interactive assessment further pinpoints their strengths and potential career inclinations, providing a holistic overview of the path ahead

Hadaf Coding Program

 Your Gateway to Coding Excellence!

Main Package and Course Offerings for Our Future Programmers!

  • Age Group: +15 years

  • Educational Platform: Integrated

  • Duration: 60 hours

  • Hourly Rate per Trainee: 100 SR


Hadaf Program

Coding workshop
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Medvation's Little Coders and Future Programmers Initiative

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