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Ideathon stands as a hallmark summer event aimed at community enrichment, gathering an ensemble of elite trainers who deliver groundbreaking scientific presentations through educational games. These games, intricately crafted around the AI backed STEAM framework, are more than just fun – they're gateways to innovation. Ideathon serves as a platform where budding minds can not only conceptualize innovative solutions but also breathe life into them. This sets the stage for a spirited contest among young prodigies. While the competitive spirit runs high, Medvation ensures a robust backing of scientific support, cultivating an ecosystem that not only nurtures innovation but also grooms the thought leaders of tomorrow. The event also opens avenues for educational entities and entrepreneurial minds to join forces. Their sponsorship not only facilitates the event's execution but also fosters inclusivity and fruitful collaboration. All of this revolves around the pivotal concept of game based learning, cementing sustained engagement between the young learners and their educational surroundings

Ideathon Coding Program

 Your Gateway to Coding Excellence!

Main Package and Course Offerings for Our Future Programmers!

  • Age Group: +15 years

  • Educational Platform: Integrated

  • Duration: 30 hours


Ideathon Program

Medvation's Little Coders and Future Programmers Initiative

The Sustainable Development Goals Achieved 
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