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The Edison Lamp Program, under the esteemed banner of Medvation, is inspired by the inventive spirit of Thomas Edison and symbolizes the bright light of innovation and progress in the educational domain. Through this program, we endeavor to guide and support both educators and students on their quest for innovation and excellence. By integrating the marvels of artificial intelligence and cutting edge algorithms into conventional teaching methods, we aim to revolutionize the classroom experience, making it more dynamic, interactive, and future ready

Mesbah Coding Program

 Your Gateway to Coding Excellence!

Main Package and Course Offerings for Our Future Programmers!

  • Level: Foundation

  • Age Group: +20 years

  • Educational Platform: Integrated

  • Duration: 15 hours

  • Hourly Rate per Trainee: 75 SR


Innovative Educators

  • Level: Foundation

  • Age Group: 8-15 years

  • Educational Platform: Integrated

  • Duration: 30 hours

  • Hourly Rate per Trainee: 75 SR

Creative Students

Coding workshop
IED with Medvation!
Mbot Medvation

Medvation's Little Coders and Future Programmers Initiative

The Sustainable Development Goals Achieved 
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